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From the single pixels to your project. How it's made?

What One#?

It is a British trade mark, of Saudi origins, for publishing, advertising and marketing.Ever since had been founded in 2009, One# adhered to nothing less than highly professional practices

Who One#?

A marketing team, a soaring identity and an integration between publishing and advertising. We have our own exceptionally high standards in communicating your business to internationalism.Our special mixture of authentic advertising and artistic works delinate refreshingly original ways of approaching post-modernism.One# is a new measure that verdicts modern technology's credibility

Why One#?

Many make changes, yet only a few last forever.Carefully laid strategic plans and an "eyes on the prize" attitude build reputable Identities. One# provides a consistent platform with positively adaptive attitude to challenges posed by changes. What really distinguishes us in One#, however, is how attentive we are to your needs.Where micro-targeting, creative displays and capable means of delivering are concerned, our slogan "One# for every project is all that it takes" expresses such thoughtfulness in what can be pictured a unified podium.

why we are cool

Whether you are a freelancer or agency, or just graduated student,
you need to tell your clients what are you doing, who were you working with,
where you were studying at.

Our Goals

  • Contributing in building publishing, advertising and marketing launching pads to Identities in local markets.
  • Capitalizing our customer's investments by providing means to boost our client's sales.
  • Publications distribution and national and international occasions targeting to maximize exposure.
  • Creating productive and customized solutions to our clients to levitate their efforts towards fast production.
  • Broadcasting our client's products on very rich and artistic displays to audiences at large.

Publishing Services

  • Business publications printing.
  • Advertising in all sorts of formats.
  • Publications distribution and national and international occasions targeting to maximize exposure.
  • Professional photography.
  • ocial Media Site Design (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube)

Advertising Services

  • reating integrated identities.
  • ontent design and copy-right.
  • usiness publications issues.
  • ublications design of any desired style.
  • ustomized visuals production for technical and specialized literature.
  • ontent casting and transformation into desired formats such as: Television production.-Professional photography.

Marketing Services

  • romotional teams formation and management in POS and promotional campaigns.
  • ommercial ads on channels and devices both national and international.
  • igital advertising in electronic media such as social networks, encyclopedias and other sorts of media outlets.
  • romotional content administering and directing towards national and international markets to gain the comp

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